loans & groans

March 24, 2005

A little while back, I realized that I was rather tired of sending out insanely large numbers of official work “Interlibrary Loan in” emails, so I broke out of the rut of formality and began to have some fun with it. Now, each morning, on the drive in to work, I make up a fitting–if terribly silly–poem of the day, to use as my email notification. For instance:
This day’s chilled with snow
But take heart! For you know
That the loan that you wanted
Has finally been granted:
Book Title, by Author
and then . . .
The sun is now shining
And you can stop pining,
For the loan for which you sent
Has finally been lent:
Book Title, by Author
and so on . . .
Well, I now have received a rather gratifying response to these–one that provided me with a hearty chuckle, considering my generally quiet workplace. After receiving one of my notices, a student took one of the old card catalog notecards that we keep as scratch paper, he added to it, and left it on my desk. The book this card was for is called The twenty-seventh wife, by Irving Wallace, and the final product, after he had altered it for me read:

The twenty-seventh wife
Vexed my soul with strife.
But I no longer moan,
I’ve solace in Interlibrary Loan.

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