so i guess i better spill the beans . . .

January 20, 2008

I seem to have come around full circle, in a sense: last January I moved to Zambia. This year I am in a decision-making mode again, trying to decide if I should move to where I am at the moment . . .
A church in the Cayman Islands has flown me out to meet the “family” and to see if I will come out to be their full-time youth leader. It is a strange thing to be recruited for a job I have never before considered; but in this case, it just might be the right fit. Friday night I played games with the children, met the youth, and told them animated stories of adventures from my sojourn in Zambia. Yesterday was spent catching bugs, dining with some church families and then having my official “session meeting,” in which I was interviewed by all the elders. Today I taught Sunday School, sang and spoke during the Sunday morning service, and then had a fellowship lunch afterwards to meet everyone I had not yet met.
I was, as you might imagine, grateful for an hour of downtime this afternoon to read on the beach!
It is off now to the evening worship service, so I bid you all “ta.” And I hope that I have not just turned some of you friends into enemies by admitting to the fact that I have just flown the coop, escaping the January snow to come to, er, Paradise??

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