double chocolate

February 4, 2008

So maybe it will be hard to say goodbye after all. Today I brought in a gift for Mr. Bradley; he loves talking about his granddaughter and showing me new photos of her. So I periodically bring in gifts for him to take the next time he visits her. When I took it up to his room he pulled out 2 large boxes of chocolates and tried to give them both to me. I tried to argue that I couldn’t take that much from him, and he explained that he wanted to buy “good” chocolates for me but hadn’t been able to get a ride. He was stuck walking to the dollar store, and explained to me that he bought both of them because that was meant to make up for the fact that they weren’t fine chocolates like he wanted to buy. It is this kind of thoughtful generosity that reminds us all of the goodness in a world that’s not always such a good place.

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