someday . . .

March 9, 2008

This morning I enjoyed the company of Elder Raymond as we unbolted and took down the storm shutters. When I moved in the house’s interior was darkened, all the windows being protectively shielded from hurricanes—the last resident preferred it that way as it keeps the place relatively cool. I am not so practical, I’m afraid, preferring the sunlight. So the church kindly accommodated my request for their removal.
Sitting in the living room afterwards, admiring the sunny results of our work, I gazed out the side window. As I did, Elder Raymond asked if I had noticed that I had a sentry out there. When I looked in the direction he indicated, I found this fellow firmly grasping the window pane. He seemed to be sullenly holding his ground, as if to make it clear that he was utterly perturbed to have his cubby so rudely opened to the light by our intrusion.
I do hope he chooses to remain here. I also hope he decides to forgive my demolition of his home; perhaps if he does, he will allow me to pucker up and plant a prince-worthy smacker on his horny hide.

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