our daily fish

March 18, 2008

After taking this fisherman’s photo, I lingered to ask him what kind of fish he was skillfully de-scaling at the time. “Red Snapper,” he replied. Then he looked up at me, asking with mild interest, “Are you a publisher?”
Curious as to what might have prompted this idea, I told him that no, I was not a publisher. But I offered that I did, however, write, and liked to take photos about what I wrote.
“So you write about fish?”
Though I smiled at this thought, I had to admit that it was a reasonable one as I told him that no, I did not. Pausing to think about what, in fact, I did write about, I ended up deciding that it was probably just about “daily life.”
This seemed to satisfy him, as he nodded and then answered, “Yes—fish is daily life.”
How oddly profound, this simple fact.

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