Remember the lovely young wave catcher from a few posts ago? Well today I met another wave-chaser. Only this time it was decidedly less pleasant to watch him, as you would fully understand if I had audio along with my photos. This fellow, you see, in contrast to the young lady’s peaceful posture, was in utter agony, from the sound of him: for the entirety of my 30 minutes at the beach, he ran back and forth with an incessant series of anguished yelps. The poor guy was apparently baffled at his vain efforts to capture the elusive sea.

no-fail fun

April 12, 2008

With the help of a projector screen, laptop, multiple speakers, and some furniture rearranging, my living room turned into a surround-sound theater last night. If their expressions and postures are any indication, I think “Movie Night” was a successful event as far as youth interest/attentiveness goes. It was also rather nice to see that a rather literary flick could be as humorous for teenagers as this one evidently was, drawing hearty laughter that made me laugh with them even though I missed many of the jokes . . . guess I’m getting old :-)

beach babe

April 11, 2008

So I’m a sucker for good looking young nudes lounging at the beach . . . can you blame me?

a colorful sail

April 10, 2008

It is very faint in this photo–I almost walked past without seeing it at all. But once I had spotted it, its cheery colors made me smile so I decided it was worth posting. There is one parasail on the water here, with brightly colored stripes, and another in the air, barely visible to the right. I’ve always thought parasailing seemed like it would be quite delightful, so perhaps I shall be able to try it someday.

the requested cow

April 9, 2008

As I headed out to the bakery before youth meeting today, I remembered to bring my camera along. The route to the bakery then reminded me that I owed a now long overdue bovine photo to Kel . . . so Kel, here she is! I tried to convince her to look up for you, but she stubbornly ignored my whistling, calling, and mooing, finding her grazing much more interesting than me–I really couldn’t blame her :-)

high time for pie

April 7, 2008

I had never seen these “live” before finding this tree in my yard, but I had a suspicion as to what they were. It turns out I was correct; my friend from church confirmed today that they are, in fact, Key Limes [as she happily relieved me of a sack-full that I had just picked]. They are also, apparently, in their prime stage for use in the kitchen: not quite ripe. Guess I better look for a good recipe . . .

groomed to ride

April 6, 2008

Today was horse-grooming day for the youth. Well, not all of them, considering the fact that the house was bustling with at least 15 for cooking night yesterday . . . I lost count about the time I realized I was running out of food!
But for today’s outing, I had made a deal with the owner of the horses: they would be allowed to ride without cost if they were first willing to learn how to properly groom and care for them. So we were at the stables this afternoon, here making sure that Cherry Pie and Latte were properly shedding their winter coats [and yes, the remainder of the 14 horses are similarly, tastily named :-) ]

to catch a wave

April 3, 2008

There was no need for me to ask Yasmine any questions as I snapped this shot–I knew precisely what she was doing, as I know I would have done the same had it been me sitting prettily there on the sand, the waves licking her toes . . . she was trying to grasp onto one of those foamy wisps of the sea as they persisted in stubbornly slipped out of her hands.

oh rapturous delight!

April 2, 2008

Today Nathaniel had his first taste of the sea. His reaction? Words are clearly unnecessary :-)

to dig a hole

April 1, 2008

Today I asked this diligent worker what she was digging for. Clearly feeling interrupted from her labour, she looked up at me and patiently explained that she was, of course, simply digging a hole.
Being duly corrected, I now know better than to assume the need for anything more than a good hole, as far as reasons for digging on the beach go . . .