things of beauty

September 26, 2008

While snapping this shot of Sugar I had a chance to chat with a friend, who also happens to be her owner :-) Our conversation has left me with a bit of realization-in-progress: I have been inordinately needy for beauty lately. And when I am drawn to, am surrounding myself obsessively with, all things beautiful, there is generally an underlying reason for it.
And I am terribly sensitive to the emotions of those around me. So this evening, as I saw the distress in Lynn’s eyes as she spoke of her fears, it occurred to me that the flowers and photos that I give are a way of fighting such fears.
Our world is a frightful one, and these days are full of fears: financial, political, relational . . . people are afraid. And the fear I see in others frightens me.
My way of fighting my own fears is by doing the only thing I can think of to alleviate it in others. Beauty soothes me. It also captures my attention, in that I have found in myself a tendency to notice details that not everyone sees. So recently I have been giving small gifts of beauty to those around me. As one with little influence, power, or wealth, all I have to give is that which calms my own fears. It leaves me vulnerable to others, easily wounded by insensitivities, but I do not mind. The deep joy of seeing the rare moments when my small gifts can mean something to another far outweighs the pain of when they do not.
So here is another glimpse of one of those small beauties :-)

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