traveling in style

October 8, 2008

Knowing I was going to be stuck traveling on my birthday, I took the liberty of giving myself a present . . .
A lifetime of being on airplanes has left me with a silly obsession with the First Class section. I tend to gaze longingly at those roomy seats, replenished drink glasses, and catering stewardesses, thinking If only. . . Now the truth is that the realities of First Class benefits are not the sort of things I care for all that much: it is rather the romanticized idea of it all, and the reality that I have always been a lowly Coach passenger.
So when I booked this flight, I couldn’t help but notice that my number of current sky miles equated to exactly the amount necessary for an upgrade. And with the state of air travel being what it is, I figured there was little reason to hang on to these miles for some future benefits. That being decided, I booked my first ever upgraded flight and, on my birthday this year, I was a First Class traveler :-)


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