moments & hours

October 16, 2008

In the flurry of air travel, land travel, moving in, and beginning work, today it occurred to me that I had lost track of the passage of time . . . contentedly so. I do love the sort of life busy-ness that causes moments to stand still while hours fly by.
This particular moment finds me seated in the lounge of the girls’ dorm. Bath time followed dinner, and now the pajama-wearing pupils and I are enjoying Fiddler on the Roof—a portion of which is watched for each week’s movie night.
As for this day’s hours, they have included: daily classroom lessons [math, writing, reading], one-on-one tutoring with some of the students who need reading assistance [these we fit into slots when they are not in class, such as nap time and post-lunch play time], dining hall meals which I am happy to find still include the foods I remember from childhood, some of which I enjoy now though did not then [marmalade, marmite, and porridge, for instance], and others which I enjoyed then and still do [fresh cumquats, rice cakes, and “toads-in-holes”], humoring requests to sing songs and queries as to how many languages I can speak, jumping [speedily!] into a still icy-cold swimming pool . . . and other activities I cannot recall just now.
I still have not found the occasion to finish unpacking. Some of my belongings are in disarray, and laundry is not done. But happily, these things that normally would bother me do not at the moment. Rather, I am looking forward to another day and, now, content to go to bed with the “practical” work left undone :-)


lusaka morning

October 14, 2008

The day awakes, here in Zambia.


October 13, 2008

Just a quick travel update today, as I have a moment of internet access . . .
After a 2-hour Sunday shuttle ride, an 11-hour 1st-leg into Dakar, a 1-hour refueling pit-stop [alas, no chance to de-plane!], an 8-hour 2nd-leg to Johannesburg, a 2-hour layover, a 2-hour 3rd-leg into Lusaka, and a taxi-ride from the airport, I am happily settled for the night!
What a relief to have a bed, a clean face and clean feet, and a good 6 hours of sleep ahead before the final leg of the journey: the Cessna flight to the school . . .
More later :-)

come, set for a spell

October 11, 2008

Thanks to the 31 photo project I finally got up the nerve to tell my neighbors how much I loved the fact that they habitually spend their early evenings enjoying the view from their front porch. I had headed out for my daily photo walk when I saw them and went over to chat. Starting to walk away, I turned back and asked if they would mind having “celebrity feet” for the day . . . they kindly obliged :-)

traveling in style

October 8, 2008

Knowing I was going to be stuck traveling on my birthday, I took the liberty of giving myself a present . . .
A lifetime of being on airplanes has left me with a silly obsession with the First Class section. I tend to gaze longingly at those roomy seats, replenished drink glasses, and catering stewardesses, thinking If only. . . Now the truth is that the realities of First Class benefits are not the sort of things I care for all that much: it is rather the romanticized idea of it all, and the reality that I have always been a lowly Coach passenger.
So when I booked this flight, I couldn’t help but notice that my number of current sky miles equated to exactly the amount necessary for an upgrade. And with the state of air travel being what it is, I figured there was little reason to hang on to these miles for some future benefits. That being decided, I booked my first ever upgraded flight and, on my birthday this year, I was a First Class traveler :-)

all in the family

October 6, 2008

How do you begin to document a day so meaningful as the wedding of a baby brother? I have spent the day pondering the weekend festivities and wondering how in the world I can possibly convey the intense significance of this event for us all. Frankly, I cannot. So instead of making some vain effort at telling you all how wonderful my family is, how beautiful the day was, how loved the bride and groom are, I will offer a small substitute, a snippet of a memento . . .
This arbor under which the two were wed was built by my brother. It was simply one of the countless details contributed by a couple with immense creativity: every where we looked over the past few days was another thing that wowed us all with the caring attention paid to the day, to the memories, to the guests. And this carefully constructed arbor is one of those. It is one of the reasons that I am such a gut-bustingly proud big sis . . . of a handsome young groom and a stunning new sister :-)

a pane

October 1, 2008

This one was my second door-pane installation, and decidedly better than the first. But I still have room for improvement . . . perhaps the third time will be the charm [not that I would welcome the need to replace another, mind you!]