viola’s cake

November 2, 2008

This weekend one of my students asked me to be her party supervisor, as she had a birthday earlier this term. The way that birthdays work here is that parents can provide a cake if they have a way of getting it here. Then, on Saturdays, during river tea time, the child can have their cake and party guests, up on the Ant Hill. My job was to go up to the kitchen cold room to fetch the cake and knife, bring it back down to the river, and supervise the cutting and distribution of the goodies. What I did not know was that my job would also include an extra trek to get my camera, so that I could send photos to her family. It being a particularly hot day, and me having just finished giving swim lessons, without being able to get into the water yet, I was quite sweaty by the time my fetchings were completed ☺ But the festivities were thoroughly enjoyed, so I was pleased to see the pay-off. And thanks to my camera, I can offer you a visual aid of Viola enjoying her first bite of, strangely enough, fruit cake!


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