tali’s tale

November 9, 2008

In my Grade 4 Literature class, my students have been working on different genres of story writing. This week they turned in the last story I had assigned—this one a short fiction project: it was to be a continuation of the beginning few sentences that I had provided for them [shown here in italics]. As I have been terribly proud of their work, I thought I would share with you one of their stories. Here is Tali’s fine compostion:Once last month, when I was camping with my family, my dad decided we should go for a hike. So we all left. Suddenly, behind a tree…
I saw a wolf! It was huge! I froze. I stared at the wolf and the wolf stared at me. Then I realized that I was alone! Suddenly the wolf came towards me! It came and licked my hands! I stepped back. It also stepped back. I stuck out my tongue. It too stuck out it’s tongue. So I walked home, my dad would shoot it. So I stayed in the woods that night. The next day I tied the wolf to a tree and left for home. When I got home I asked Dad if he would shoot a wolf, (a very tame wolf) if I brought it home. So he said he would go and see the village council and ask them if we were to shoot wolves. I f they said “Yes, you may shoot wolves,” then yes, he would shoot it. If they said “No,” well, no he wouldn’t shoot it. So off he went to the village council. In the end they said no. So my wolf was safe. When he came back he found my wolf on the porch! What a surprise!
Then I remembered that when I was 4, I had a pet wolf puppy! And, it had ran away! So I realized this huge wolf was now my pet. But loads of people would try to shoot him. So it was my duty to protect him.
The End

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