but of course

March 27, 2009

As I have just shared this story with a friend as we sit, she knitting and me, less domestically, with my laptop, I thought it was probably worth sharing in blog-land as well . . . guaranteed to make you smile, if not laugh out loud :-)
You have probably figured out by now that I enjoy collecting eggs while at work. I also enjoy sharing them. So I had taken an egg last week to my young friend Maggie, who is a vibrant and intelligent five-year-old [about to turn six, she is quick to point out!]. This week I thought I would test her divination skills and, covering the gift with my hands, I asked her to guess what I had brought her that day.
She began hesitantly: “Is it . . . crayons?” I shook my head, no. “Ummm. Marbles?” No, but that’s closer, I hinted. “Hmmm. A ball?”
Her mom chimed in at this point, “Maggie, I’ll give you a hint: it comes from a chicken.”
Maggie grinned, and we could see her confidence level rising until she burst with her brilliant solution of, “Chicken balls!”

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