sand and "sun"

April 2, 2009

We rolled in yesterday evening, weary from the day’s drive but ready for our much-anticipated stay at the beach. Neither of us, we realized, had actually checked the forecast before beginning . . . on my part, this was due to a desire to remain in a sort of a blissful ignorance. So during the drive, each time a radio announcer gave a weather report, I stubbornly repeated to Cassie my assertion that weatherpeople simply do not know what they’re talking about: it seems that the sun is supposed to come out again the day after we leave. But befitting my stubborn denial, I donned my suit as the day’s drizzle subsided, and I dashed into the waves in a hardheaded desire to be able to say that I did, in fact, get in the ocean while at the beach. Cassie documented my dash, capturing the rapid dip, and even more rapid race out of the water!

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