just a spoonful

April 23, 2009

My mother left yesterday, after an all-too-brief visit. And I miss her. Who else would have, upon a random impulse, shared such an oddly happy moment with me . . .
While out running errands [more to the point, I should probably just admit that Walmart was our destination], our conversation ended up settling on ice cream. You may need to know here that, our family being the sort of family it is, such a discussion is certainly not unusual–and definitely not one to be taken lightly :-) Inevitable, after such a discussion, we decided we had a hankering for a good old-fashioned McDonald’s ice cream cone. Having just had dinner, we didn’t need much. And as we were due back at my grandparents’ house, we needed to stay on the road. So we spent the remainder of the drive sharing a single ice cream, in a happy mixture of contented bites and comments on how nice it was to be able to count on such a consistently indulgent treat. And it being just Mom and I, on the road, it was the most natural thing for us to share that ice cream, with one spoon, and, in an interestingly flashback-way, with Mom spoon-feeding me while I shifted gears, lanes, and trains of thought . . .
Did I mention that I miss my mother? :-)

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