yesterday’s poem

June 22, 2009

Inspired by a contest being run by a local Ice Cream Parlor, I wrote a poem for my stepdad for Father’s Day. The subject was “What flavor ice cream would your Dad be, and why?” This is what I ended up with . . .
*Note: circumstances portrayed are entirely fictional ;-)

Ode to a Flavor

“If you were an ice cream, Pop, what flavor’d you be?”
“Why, plain old vanilla, I reckon,” said he.

Raising my eyebrows & frowning, I turned,
And looked at my Mama, so serene & so learned.

“Mother-Dear,” said I, “what do you say on this one?
You’ve always been right, judging from who’s lost & who’s won . . . ”

“Surely,” she said then, “I know just the one:
Rocky Road, I would think, and this here’s the rea-zun:

It suits him quite perfectly, I’m sure you’ll agree–
A bit messy, a bit nutty and, I guess, well, rock-y” ;-)

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