mystery plants?

April 20, 2010

When I caught a glimpse of these little curiosities the other day, I knew I would be returning with my camera. After doing so, today, I mentioned my intriguing photo subject to my friend, showing her the picture. I should have expected as much, considering how knowledgeable she is about all things local–but I still found myself duly impressed when she spouted off the name and spoke of what folks do with them . . .
And so I ask you all: anyone out there in blog-land know
1. What the common name is? and
2. What can be done with them?
The first correct responder just might win a prize :-)


2 Responses to “mystery plants?”

  1. Jenny said

    Anna, Keep a close eye on those. I think they just might be baby ferns! Ours look like that when they just come out of the ground. They are lovely…

  2. anna j said

    Yep–Fiddlehead Ferns, in fact . . . do you eat yours there as well?

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