in the intangible

June 5, 2010

I think there are days when our task in life is to just sit tight with discomfort.  To be “in the waiting” without being able to cling to any tangible semblance of needed-ness . . . and for those of us prone to people-pleasing, this is no small task.

So today I plodded my way through a day of work that felt aimless, free moments that felt unproductive, and efforts at helping that felt helpless: a day at the close of which I wonder if anything that I did really did anybody any good . . .

But all is well.  And tonight, driving home as the sun was setting, I glimpsed to black bear cubs cavorting in the field.  I leapt at the prospect of a photo, grabbing for my camera.  When they dashed off into the distance before I could capture them, I even drove back, parked the car, and walked back and forth along the road for awhile, silently praying for their return.  They did not return and now I wonder if it is better that they did not–for it completes the day’s lesson for me: that glimpse was meant to be sufficient.  It was a snippet of creation that I could hold in my memory even if I have nothing tangible to show for it.

I suspect that it is, after all, in the in-tanglibles that the greatest living of life happens . . .

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