bank on it

June 6, 2010

If one must lose a wallet, the bank is not the worst place to do so.  And yes, I’m afraid I can vouch for truth of this assertion . . .

So it was that a highly anticipated day of scheduled errand-running and lecture-attending became instead a day of highly uncomfortable waiting, phone calls, step-retracing, and re-calibrating.  All is well.  My wallet was found, thanks to an after-hours manager who met me there at the closed branch, made some phone calls, and discovered the finder of said wallet.  All my financial documents are now in a vault, awaiting my pick-up on Monday.

And I am realizing, yet again, the futility of relying upon illusions of normalcy and control.   Because when it came down to it, the day’s unexpected moments were far better than any planned “perfection” I could have orchestrated: a last-minute boat ride invitation; the acceptance of help from those with more power than I; a sunset walk . . . and a boldness in photo-taking with my walking companion.  I was so smitten by the evening light that I opted to point towards the light.  And her being as lovely of a subject as she is, I think it turned out just fine :-)

2 Responses to “bank on it”

  1. Linda said

    . Love, love this.

    • annajouj said

      Thanks Linda–you will also probably enjoy the knowledge that, when I went to retrieve my wallet, expecting some sort of drama, I literally walked in as they opened and started to say, “Umm, I kind of left a wallet here over the weekend . . .” One of the tellers interrupted me, said, “Oh yeah, here you go,” as she reached behind her and pulled it off the shelf to hand to me.
      I was thinking more along the lines of a locked vault, proving my identity, etc., etc. :-)

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