happy daddy’s day

June 20, 2010

This morning I had my student write a little contest-poem, answering the question “If your dad was an ice cream flavor, what would he be?”  With a bit of “translation” help from me [she talked through the answer and I put it in poetic form], I think my 6-year-old student did a fine job indeed.  And so in honor of tomorrow’s celebrations, I would like to offer this as a bit of a shout-out to all the Dads in my life: y’all are swell :-)

My Daddy-Cone

By Allison,

With scribe-assistance by Yours Truly

If Daddy were an ice cream cone, what flavor would he be?

He’d be a pretty special one, ‘cause this is what I see:

First scoop would be just Strawberry.

Next Oreo Cook-ie—

After that one, Maple Syrup,

Then a scoop of plain Hon-ey.

Next comes the scoop of Cookie Dough,

Then Strawberry Shortcake . . .

[What’s that, you ask?

Well silly—it’s a flavor too, of course!]

One more scoop—a real special one,

That’s called just “Honey Bee.”

It’s the final flavor that my special

Daddy’s Cone would be . . .

For this one’s made with bees, you see—

Not real ones, ‘course—that’d hurt!

They’re cute, & sweet, quite tasty, too—

The perfect Topper-Scoop!


4 Responses to “happy daddy’s day”

  1. Nadine said

    This was by far the best read! Well, at least for this month or week! :D Thanks!!
    Love ya!

  2. How great to read of kids being creative- writing something outside the box that is not simply the right answer but is just their creative answer. It needs to happen so much more. Thank you for sharing!

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