the lady of the lake

June 21, 2010

It was a very average sort of evening stroll, complete with “deep woods” bug spray and a dog dead-set on tramping through the muddiest “cricks” . . . but suddenly I practically clapped with giddy delight at the picture-perfect pose . . . Jenna’s combination of a walking stick plus deer-fly-combatting hat took on an ethereally lovely aura of a pastoral painting when combined with the pond she had ventured down to explore. ¬†Sometimes it pays to have a camera as an extra limb :-)

2 Responses to “the lady of the lake”

  1. Anastasia said

    Dear Anna,
    I just happened upon your blog from Facebook (cause I never log on to Fb.. I don’t notice most things). It’s great to see your face again (if only from a quarter-turned silhouette photo). I must confess some curiosity at the title of your new blog. I mean, I know your middle name is Grace (right?)…but well, it brings to mind a lot of hymns about the Mother of God for me. Just curious is all.
    And I’d love to hear from you in general!
    Jana Anastasia

    • annajouj said

      Thank you Jana . . . I’m SO glad you found me here :-) i miss you . . . but trust that you and your quickly-growing brood are doing busily well!

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