creative analyses

July 14, 2010

Upon our arrival at the lakehouse, we wasted no time diving into our intended job of the Art of Doing Nothing this past weekend.  One of the things on our spontaneous to-do list was the construction of a miniature, 3-person Rock Sculpture Garden [it would have been a 4-person structure were it not for the fact that my niece was not to be disturbed from her own Art of Hammock-Napping project].

As I had gotten a bit of a late start, having to finish project Float-Paddling before collecting rocks, mine was the last to be completed.  Once it was, my sister-in-law commented that we had quite an interesting mixture, looking at the varied ways in which we had gone about building.  I continued that thought, after examining their differences, by venturing that we could probably do a fair bit of personality analysis based upon each of our completed creations.  My brother had ended up with what had the air of a highly-planned, mathematically-correct engineering.  My sister-in-law’s was artfully-designed, with unexpected elements and color-coordination [my brother teased her about “cheating” with a 2-stone base, but I disagreed, seeing it as a very effective element of visual surprise].  My own creation was, as I saw it, off-kilter and highly precarious :-)


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