in picture & in word

July 21, 2010

For the past week I have been noticing this sailboat that recently made its appearance on the lake.  But only today was I quick enough with my camera to capture its lovely stillness in the morning light.

Once I had done so, and considered the result, it seemed rather fitting that I would have this today, on a Poetry Wednesday.  For the image seemed to be, in itself, a poem . . . a perfect word picture, if I’ve ever seen one.

That said, I will go ahead and share a poem of the wordy variety as well, a rondeau that fits the photo’s theme I think, even if it is not yet Autumn :-)

A Rowing Rondeau

In front of me two boats I see,

Kayakers paddling merrily.

Near these two, three, in a canoe,

Row, row their boat, to catch the two,

So all can like a dream-life be.

Me, I observe it all closely,

Thinking of how time slips past me.

For soon Fall’s chill will cause to “shoo,”

These boats I see, in front of me.

Yet I envision this not sadly,

But with a certain Autumn glee.

For how could one grow glum and blue

When all’s awash with brilliant hue?

With Nature shining vibrantly,

I sure won’t miss these boats I see!

One Response to “in picture & in word”

  1. kris said

    As we have been well over 90 degrees for a while now, I can agree with the pleasure of autumn. I will not be sad to see the boats “shoo”.

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