journeying on

July 31, 2010

Life can be, rather literally, quite a ride.  Over the past 4 days I have rolled past 10 different “Welcome to ___ ” state signs.  I have lived largely out of my car, but enjoyed the hospitality of some kind friends and loyal family members along the way.  This has also, incidentally, meant sleeping in a different state, a different bed [or air mattress or futon, depending upon the locale] for each of the past 4 nights.  And tomorrow will be a new state.  I have toured home renovations in progress, teasing one friend mercilessly about her Seinfeld-ish fixation with the size of their new shower stall.  I have helped another friend frantically work through the night to prepare for the next day’s move.  Mind you, I do not think I was that much of a help, considering my oddly-timed visit.  At one point, having pulled up all the duct tape I could see on the floor, I requested that she give me a new task.  “Just talk to me,” she said.  Her reasoning at the time was that the immediate jobs were easier for her to just do than to explain, so it was more helpful for me to provide some sort of entertainment as she did [you should perhaps know that it was about midnight at the time].  But I had to laugh, seeing my gifts, as a general rule, to decidedly not include the gift of gab.  I summoned up my inner gabby-ness, however, and stood up to the task at hand.  Thankfully, she soon realized there was a practical job I could assist with, so I gratefully busied myself with cleaning doggy nose spots from window panes.  Then, one room done, I happily conked out on my futon while she continued well into the wee hours of the morning.  This photo is of the final stages of said room [before I abandoned her].  Looking at it afterwards, I smiled.  She is, you see, a strikingly lovely woman.  So even in the throes of her stressed work, she carried an aura of beauty about her, don’t you think? :-)

And the journey continues . . .


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