tied up with string

August 7, 2010

This evening I got a chance to explore the creek behind my apartment for the first time . . . or, I should probably say “crick,” seeing as how I am not abiding in the South again, if temporarily :-)  Anyhow, while wading through the waters, chatting on the phone, I paused in mid-sentence to exclaim “Oh wow!”  Then, “I don’t have my camera . . .”  So I described, in as much detail as I could, what I was admiring there, for my brother’s benefit.  I suspected the handiwork of a young neighbor so when I heard voices and introduced myself to the fellow crick-waders, I asked if she had made the fine leaf creations I had seen down the way.  She smiled and nodded, after which I congratulated her work; then, of course, I couldn’t rest until I had fetched my camera and captured the loveliness.  It has me musing on the wonderful creativity that results when youth is combined with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors . . ..

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