carted items

August 20, 2010

This may be old news to some of you but I, for one, have just been discovering the multi-purpose portability nature of a baby stroller.  While out on our walks we have taken to returning to various items, generally of the produce variety.  I took the opportunity to teach the art of okra-picking yesterday . . . never mind the fact that I was just learning that art myself!

But today we happened upon a new “item”: a cute little box turtle that was making its way across the road.  My initial thought in picking it up was just to guide it back to the other side.  But then, having a little one with me, I handed it to him to see what he thought.  Not surprisingly, he was quite intrigued with the little object in hand–and he didn’t even have to ask: I let him bring it home with us :-)

I had intended to photograph the two playmates but then, somehow, our little friend found his way out of the little cart on the bottom of the stroller and, probably for the best, escaped to his freedom.  So, in lieu of the turtle, yesterday’s okra will have to do for photographic purposes . . .

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