on feeding, & dancing

August 25, 2010

If I can snag a few moments of quiet, possibly during a nap time, I will elaborate further on this shot.

I will share, perhaps, a story of distracting a finicky eater with the “Banana Dance,” until he is so mesmerized by the odd occurrence in the kitchen that he begins to eat again, dazed but at least consuming. Or perhaps a story of culinary adventures with the perfect combination and consistency of mashed [and peeled] hot dogs, potatoes, and cheese.  Or of sneaking a peek at a baby monitor that reveals a supposed-to-be-napping little one who is, instead, having a full private dance party for himself in his crib . . .

But for now, I post this photo, with the simple explanation that I got to feed cornbread to a goat last night.  Wandering a bit after a dinner out, we thought we were going to the hillside to just observe the grass-eating creatures.  But when we walked up, a chatty woman asked if we would like to feed them.  I eagerly nodded and, soon, was enjoying the gratifying noshings of this cute young gal.  And I couldn’t help but muse on how much easier it was to feed this youngster than to feed the little one I am normally feeding these days :-)

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