Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s some side effect to spending my days caring for a fine companion of a little boy.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I happen to reside on the top of a beautiful mountain at the moment, with a private trail that leads to a mountain creek.  But for whatever reason, I can’t get enough of wading in the water these days.  So today, once again, at the end of the workday I made my way down the hill and did a bit more exploring.  This time, instead of documenting “artwork,” I was inclined to a bit of self-portraiture, in foot form at least . . .

back to the “crick”

August 9, 2010

Another day.  Another exploration of the creek down the hill.  And, as I had hoped [this time camera in hand], more evidence of that fine young leaf and mud artiste :-)

tied up with string

August 7, 2010

This evening I got a chance to explore the creek behind my apartment for the first time . . . or, I should probably say “crick,” seeing as how I am not abiding in the South again, if temporarily :-)  Anyhow, while wading through the waters, chatting on the phone, I paused in mid-sentence to exclaim “Oh wow!”  Then, “I don’t have my camera . . .”  So I described, in as much detail as I could, what I was admiring there, for my brother’s benefit.  I suspected the handiwork of a young neighbor so when I heard voices and introduced myself to the fellow crick-waders, I asked if she had made the fine leaf creations I had seen down the way.  She smiled and nodded, after which I congratulated her work; then, of course, I couldn’t rest until I had fetched my camera and captured the loveliness.  It has me musing on the wonderful creativity that results when youth is combined with the opportunity to explore the great outdoors . . ..

on 2nd glance

August 6, 2010

Lest I develop too tainted of a reputation for my lack of gardening skills, I thought I should show you that I can, at least, recognize a cucumber . . . this time :-)


August 5, 2010

It was, perhaps, a minor victory in the grand scheme of things.  But it was significant for me, in that it was what I had hoped for: today my human charge extended a scepter [hand] of peace towards the [paw] of my canine charge.  After an initial teary-eyed, clinging arms encounter, he decided to let his little boy curiosity prevail over the fear.

And I dare say, I was relieved.  For though I do not generally mind the heat, skyrocketing temps plus a crying infant plus a large dog who does not always obediently follow on his leash made me wonder if maybe, sometimes, I do mind it . . . just a little bit :-)

no wonder

August 3, 2010

So if you were tending a garden and spied this vine-growing fruit, what would you think?  I thought “squash!,”   promptly picking and preparing it as such.  The eating of it, however, left me wondering what variety produced such an odd-tasting fruit.  Today, chatting with the garden’s out-of-town owner, I asked her what type of squash it was that I had enjoyed.  Turns out, it was a cucumber, not a squash . . . you will be happy to know that I make no claims of gardener prowess :-)

as the pooch poops

August 2, 2010

It’s too hot to . . . poop?  There was a time, a happy time, in a not so distant puppy’s past; once upon a time he took great pride in a finely-tuned pooping routine.  He would turn round once, twice, sometimes thrice.  He would paw a bit, sniff out a patch of earth.  Paw a bit more.  Turn round a bit more.  Then, nose held high, he would deftly squat and do his doggie doo.  And I?  I would whip out my little blue baggie and whisk that doo away.

But that was then.  This is [heat wave ravished] now.  These days, when I take him out for his morning, noonday, or evening stroll, he listlessly lags behind.  And when nature calls, he has no energy for even a smidgen of canine pride.  No–now he simply pauses in mid step and lets it fall right there where we stand.  The poor pooch, defeated by the elements, has lost his pride.  My weather-whipped pet, have you no shame?

Ah well.  This [heat] too shall pass . . .

P.S.  I would have posted a visual aid but, seeing as how the poor lad is already so humbled, it did not seem right to add visual insult to injury.