tottering on

September 1, 2010

What with a combination of jet lag, travel weariness, the immensity of the work I hope to do here, and being thrust headlong into the throes of a hectic beginning to the madness known commonly as boarding school life, I had an afternoon of exhaustion.  And then I felt twinges of guilt: everyone else seems to be managing just fine with this schedule, I thought . . . it is far too early in the term for me to justify such a feeling!

So it was with deep gratitude that I soaked up a few moments of unexpected delight: before the dinner bell rang, I lingered in the playground and chatted with one young student about his home village.  And, incidentally, we were in mid teeter-totter as we talked–a singular pleasure for me, to be sure!  As we did so, I noticed the beauty of the sunset and knew I had to try to capture the moment visually as well.  Luckily for my camera-fetching purposes, the dinner bell came late so I managed to make a dash for my camera.  Obviously, in this photo, there is no companion teeter-totterer . . . I’m afraid by the time I had returned, the dinner bell did ring, at which point hungry young student made a mad dash for the dining hall: no lingering for photo ops for him!  Hopefully you won’t mind too terribly much the visual of a mere setting sun and empty teeter-totter seat :-)


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