banana grove musings

September 4, 2010

. . . because sometimes what is necessary is not a barreling-through till the work is done but a stepping-away to a new slant, a new point of view . . .

At the end of the week of frenetic school-life activities, I realized that I was focusing solely on the hugeness of my work-to-be-done.  Knowing that it is beyond me to manage to complete the work of this library system set-up, I had a sense of despair by Friday afternoon.  When school ended early, as it does on Friday afternoons, my initial sense was one of obligation to just keep working . . . obligation, mind you, without motivation.

So I caught my motives and made a change in plans.  The work will remain.  Life, however, is just foundvin each moment we have before us.  I snagged a friend, then, and we went for a walk.  We took photos, laughed at the antics of the young football [or, in the U.S., soccer] players out enjoying their freedom from the classroom, and we inspected the intricacies of the trees in the banana grove.

And the view from where I stood, looking up at the banana bunches, was a blessed reminder that there is as much of a joy in the moments snatched as there is in any sort of tangible work that can be accomplished.

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