in the midst of the madness

September 15, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me at how many challenges a single day can bring when in the throes of Zambian boarding school life.  While attempting to catalog an entire collection of books and keep the well-used collection in order in the meantime, I found myself today filling in to teach weather, Biblical foundations, & geography.  Along the way I also practiced my Bemba, speaking with others and studying my phrase book.  There were staff meetings & school assemblies to attend, French students to tutor, little ones plates to fill at the dining hall, responses to “May I please be excused, Miss J?” and various other ventures and adventures.

But underlying it all was a sense of growing, nervous anticipation: a knowledge that it looks like this weekend will be the one in which I finally take that road trip to hunt down a certain pivotal spot in my life.  Planning is underway and, Africa being what it is, it is still pending but, Lord willing, I will be on a bit of a life journey in a few days.

That said, the work day is not yet done for me so far as the students go but I did take a moment to snap a photo of one of the trees that has caught my eye of late: I have not idea yet what it is but was amazed by the hue: it was so bright that I actually toned down the color to post it!

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