just a laugh

October 7, 2010

There are moments when life reminds you that, as serious as things may seem at the time, all seriousness sometimes must be swept to the side for the sake of a good laugh.

Today was just one of “those mornings.”  I was pulling my hair out over the impossibility of getting two highly prone-to-distractions and highly rivalry-oriented Grade 6 boys to calmly complete the writing and editing assignment I had in mind.  But it took approximately one hour for them to type three sentences, thanks to the constant bickering, the “But, Miss . . .” queries, and the sudden needs to go to the toilet, get a drink of water, or jump up and down for a bit [and yes, I have indeed had this request—I said no J].  So I was on the brink of educator’s despair, bemoaning my lack of suitability for this role I have in life, feeling a failure as a teacher, and wondering what good I could possibly be doing at the moment.  Dwelling on this despair, I paused in my lectures and just sat there for a bit, observing the two in their antics, one mumbling with his head down on the desk while the other egged on his despondent cohort.

As I watched them, Seth picked up his head, looked back at the computer screen, and then let out a stream of complaints: “Iwe!! You  . . . !  Miss—this one, I cannot take this one any longer.  Iwe! . . .”

I looked at the screen and saw a line of “Z”s trailing off where Seth had left off in the typing.  Sani had been instructed numerous times that, for at least this portion of the assignment, his job was only to read, while Seth typed.  So I looked questioningly at Sani.  He shrugged and blamed it on Seth’s laxity: Ah but Miss, I had to do it.  See, this one, he just won’t do the work.  He just sleeps—just look at him!

This was when I started my usual serious teacher lecture and then stopped in mid-sentence and, instead, just started to laugh.  And you know, the funny thing was that, as it seemed to me, the rest of that lesson went a whole lot more smoothly after that :-)



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