Peter [Sheep?]

October 28, 2010

The school term is once again in full swing, after our half-term break.  But before it started back this week, a coworker and I took advantage of the time to visit a nearby hostel for street children.  Some of the youngsters gave us a fine tour of the newly constructed buildings and grounds, showing off their sheep, wells, and constructs-in-progress.  They were especially proud of the gardens they have cultivated and maintained so diligently over the past few months.  And I’m afraid the garden trumps the sheep so far as interest goes, for one of the children in particular.  He was harboring a bit of a grudge against a certain creature who had managed to escape from the pen, expertly locate the ready-for-harvest garden, and make short work of the entire row of cabbages that this child had been in charge of . . . I cannot blame his ill feelings in the slightest!

As evening closed in on us, the children’s supervisor announced the hour for watering, at which point I snapped a shot of the picture-perfect action . . .

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