glass slippers

November 18, 2010

It has been a wild week, to say the least.  WIth the added work responsibilities here at the school, I find myself battling the busy-ness in a desperate attempt to still focus on the significance of each small moment.  In that spirit, I share this photo.  One night each week, the upper school girls in the dorm have taken the initiative to lead a time of music and reflection.  The music is an amazing display of talent, with glorious a cappella harmonies combined with the rhythm of local dialects and dances that carry us all along in lose-oneself timelessness.  But I already knew I was amazed by their musical gifts.

What is new in my awe these past few weeks comes from observing the depth of insight that these young women have managed to cultivate in such relative youth.  This week, for instance, they decided to invite the younger dorm students for a skit that they had invented–a call to resist follow-the-crown influences, and an encouragement to be true to the person each of them has been divinely created to be.  But all was not pure seriousness: we all were in hysterics as the performers pranced into the lounge in costumes that included heels I would have been unable to stand up straight in, never mind dance in [yes, they did!].  So here for you now–a glimpse of one of the lovely ladies, in all her footwear finery :-)


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