November 21, 2010

This being a Sunday afternoon, we have all been enjoying a bit of down time.  My own morning was filled with a service combining iciBemba and kiKaonde music, greetings, and lessons [and of course the dancing that goes along with said music].  Once back, during a brief interlude between the rains, Christine and I went for a customary walk.  Not quite so customary, however, was what we brought home with us from our walk: we intersected one of the dorm students, just back from a weekend away with her parents.  They live in a neighboring country, in fact, and have just made it for their first visit in months.  So Katendi and Illunga have just spend a long-awaited few days with their parents.  Katendi was, as one might expect, both excited from the time spent with them and saddened by the goodbye.  But I think her entrance into the dorm was a gratifying one: Christine and I announced her return loudly as we walked in, calling out, “Look what we have here folks!”  As we did so, one of her dorm friends ran towards us, leaping into a gleeful, dancing hug that Christine and I watched with amusment :-)

Here we are on the road, Christine and Katendi, as we approached the dorm . . .

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