on with the show

December 4, 2010

“The show must go on . . .”  And go on it did.  Power outages, sound equipment failures, and claps of thunder notwithstanding, our show went on.  They sang their songs [with the obligatory word mix-ups and tempo goofs].  They spoke their lines [a few out of turn and a couple, or three, forgotten].  They danced their jigs [one or two missteps and several wrong turns].  And I, from behind the audience, facing the young performers, tapped out the beat, mouthed the words, and mirrored their motions.  Even in the midst of the show, I could feel the stress of logistical preparations fading as pride took its place.  My cheeks began to ache, and I realized I was grinning to the point of face muscle strain.

Then they made their final bow, filed off stage, and we were done.  Months of preparations, weeks of build-up, then a flurry of “I’m so proud of you!”s and quick goodbye hugs, and they were off.  How quiet it was there in the dorm last night, staff only remaining; in fact, we shifted rooms in order to occupy one corner of the u-shaped building.  Even so, it felt lonesome and dark—ok, so it was dark; we had no power :-)

Today most of us adults have also departed, on to our own holiday visits and travels—hopefully with a bit of rest tucked in there as well.  Lord knows we need it before term beginnings come again!

Here is a shot of my favourite [not that play choreographers ever choose favourites, mind you] dance troupe: the three roadsweepers in their sweeping finale!



2 Responses to “on with the show”

  1. Hi Anna,

    I posted your story, “Did She Know?” on my blog today as part of the 12 Pearls of Christmas series. Thanks for your inspiring words! How is your Christmas card sketch coming along? I know your art is an encouragement to all who receive it!


  2. Bounced over from Dena’s. Great post. It was fun hearing about your heart, art, and life!

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