to be a camel

December 21, 2010

Today’s traveling adventures included the summit of a staircase that brought us from 6,600 feet to 8,600 feet of elevation, within the space of 1 mile.  When asked how I felt in the middle of it, I replied, “I’m tired.”  That feeling did not go away for the remainder of the climb . . . though the 2-mile hike back down felt remarkably luxurious after the upwards trek :-)

Another [decidedly less challenging] outing involved a peek at the so-called “kissing camels.”  My response, upon seeing this rock formation, was a comment about the obvious issue that one of the “camels” was missing a hump.  So of course, this was no camel.  But a cow, masquerading as a “kissing camel.”  This reflection carried on with an elaborate improvised tale about the camel who is unaware of the unfortunate reality that his true love is a cow.  Here is a glimpse of said “camels” . . .



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