the breaking, and making, of bread

January 2, 2011

“. . . and may you rest in the assurance that He will never abandon you.”

Just as easily as the priest spoke these words, the tears sprang to by eyes.  Those tears that well up instantaneously from this heart that so unapologetically chooses to make its vulnerability known.

I do not know why he chose those words to speak over me as a communion blessing.  But I do know that those words came from above.

Shortly thereafter, this afternoon–longing for something, I knew not what–I spontaneously walked to a new friend’s home.  I had in mind that I would just deliver a letter; but instead, thanks to a serendipitous combination of openness and her activity of the day, the afternoon was spent chopping spices, kneading dough, and sharing hearts.  And it was exactly what I was longing for [that which I knew not]: a heart connection combined with a hands-on activity; so much so that I find myself once more in that state of wonder at the provision of a God who deals with us so mysteriously . . . so tenderly.

This photo is a shot of the almost-finished product, the Naan that has yet to be flattened and baked.



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