about a foot

January 9, 2011

I have given myself several occasions, over the past few days, for my interest in photographing feet.  I like capturing both other peoples’ feet and my own but, for obvious reasons, it is when I take other people’s feet shots that I encounter the most flack for it.

But the other day I must say I felt vindicated when, shortly after being teased for taking a pre-volleyball game foot shot, one of said teasers proceeded to direct my attention towards a new photo op: a stunning rainbow.  Considering the fact that I had already put away my camera and joined my patient teammates, to finally start the game, I took this as a sign that it was ok for me to take my photos as I felt the need . . . ok, well, maybe not every time I feel like it :-)

Today marked my 3-day anniversary of arriving back in the country.  And since the first 2 of those days were full days of work in the library and school, Christine and I did not feel the least bit guilty about running away for the afternoon.  We planned our afternoon while returning from church and, once back in the dorm, set out for our outing.  It entailed the borrowing of bikes, a bike ride to the nearest pool, a swim and sun-soak, and then a return biking trip.  We were taking our chances, we knew, but the weather cooperated brilliantly, with no rain all afternoon and the most perfect of sunny-but-not-too-hot temperatures.

This being my first swim since returning, I commemorated the day with this “self portrait”


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