fungi variety

January 16, 2011

A trio of us took an afternoon walk to the pool today and, as we did, we encountered a coworker.  I knew what she was carrying well before I saw into her basket and, yes, sure enough, it was chock full of mushrooms.  I didn’t know beforehand, but she has the skill of knowing which ones to gather: a pretty good skill, from what I understand.  And I would suspect that, not being from here originally, it took a good deal of extra learning in order to be able to do so with the native Zambian mushrooms.  Maybe she’ll give me some lessons: I don’t think I’d have any trouble making use of some edible fungi :-)


2 Responses to “fungi variety”

  1. jenna doran said

    beware of those majik mushrooms!
    I would suggest a stroganoff w/ rice or noodles!
    yummy in your tummy!

  2. Martin Smith said

    Hi Anna. How are you? I was just catching up with your blog and enjoying reading it. Good to know you made it back okay to Amano and I hope this term goes well for you. I will be interested to hear more about Zambia from you over the next few months. Say hi to the students from me, please!
    Take care and God bless, Martin.

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