just another ordinary day

January 30, 2011

This sight clued me into the instant realization that this was yet another in the never-ordinary day in the life here in Zambia . . . just when it was seeming to be a leisurely Sunday evening, we had another adventure.  Some of our “adventures” are daily: power outages, for instance.  This particular one we have not had in a couple months now.  The flood.  If you have never attacked streams of flooding water with a broom, I suggest you try it.  An interesting exercise in not-quite-but-near-futility.  Whenever the pipes burst or, in this case, a sink detaches itself from the wall, we all get in on the fun.  This time was significantly faster than usual, so far as clean-up goes.  Perhaps because it happened while we were awake and coherent? [the past 2 happened around 2:00 in the morning].  At the moment, however, the only lingering effect is a jimmied faucet-stopper on a sink that lies on the bathroom floor . . . and sparkling floors here in the dorm :-)


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