barely bow’d

March 26, 2011

I guess I deserved it.  This afternoon I lost a moment, committing a bit of a cardinal sin, photographically speaking.  Just coming home, I was watching the rainfall and looking for sunspots coming through–I knew it was prime rainbow weather.  So I stepped outside and, sure enough, saw a strangely shaped, lovely arc right in front of me.  I walked back in to fetch my camera, set a chair on the porch to get a better view, and stood on it.  Then I saw the little ones I had spent the weekend with playing across the field, and I called to them.  When they didn’t hear me I grabbed my umbrella and started to walk over, with the thought that I would get them in the photo as well.  But then I realized I had not snapped a “backup” photo to be sure to capture the rainbow before it dissipated; sure enough, in those short moments, it had faded away.  So here is the remnant–if you peer real close [that’s some good Southern vernacular for you!], you can see the low arch of it . . . I promise, it’s there :-)



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