tis the season?

March 27, 2011

The last time I made the trek to the lake was during the dry season.  So when I suggested it as the destination for this afternoon’s bike ride, I did not realize I was getting us into quite such an arduous journey: what with the shoulder-high grasses and the trenches of mud, and the flies that tend to swarm around eyes, nose, and mouth, we felt like we had completed a bit of an obstacle course by the time we returned.  But it was worth the trip to find the peaceful little oasis of a lake that I remembered.

Next time, however, I think I might not wear blue jeans; you can take my word for it that the experience of ants in your pants is one that you can live without . . . and these are no friendly ants, to be sure!  The ants that we live with are a fearsome lot, prone to mass, fire-biting attacks: beware the ants of Africa :-)


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