not-quite-traveling shoes

April 18, 2011

Having what some may think is a bit of a foot photo obsession, it seemed fitting for me to document my feet-firmly-planted in the Western hemisphere status with this photo. This afternoon I went climbing. Bouldering, rather. So my feet were sporting the appropriate shoes. What was not so normal about this afternoon was that we had 2 little ones along. One who demonstrated her toddler prowess on the rocks; and one who demonstrated his sleeping/eating skills. What was also unusual about this particular afternoon is that our intended time was cut short by a bit of a fall. He did not seem as phased by it as one would think, but the little ones’ father took a tumble that resulted in a broken foot . . . so the emergency room intercepted our barbecue plans.
But all is well, and we had our belated burgers all the same–plus a few extra stories to tell. So yes, these feet are definitely back on American soil :-)

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