shuttle pups

May 19, 2011

A part of this morning was spent on an airport shuttle, busing from one airport to the next, in hopes that I would have better luck, the second time around, getting a seat on the flight. From my back row seat, I overheard the words “dog” and “boxer” in the same sentence, at which point my ears perked up [no pun intended].
The driver of the van was an apparently gregarious sort, compared to what I usually encounter on such business-like transportation settings. And he had begun to share with us all his recent musings on how his Boxer had saved his marriage. I found this turn of the conversations to be highly ironic, for several reasons:
One being the fact that I have just finished a 4-day visit with my mother who is, I think I can safely say, a bit obsessed with her own brood of Boxer pups. After some time of debating whether or not to find a man for Kiwi, they decided to pursue it and are now enjoying the 2-week-old results. The rest of us in the family are enjoying the ins and outs of the adventure from our various vantage points. At dinner last night I said Mom, you do realize you have a serious problem, as she held up her new bumper sticker emblazoned with an abbreviation of the name of her favorite brand of puppy food. And your problem currently has 20 legs and 5 tails. She shot right back with, “Yes, but are they long tails or cropped ones?”
I rolled my eyes and conceded that she had won.
The second reason that I found irony in this morning’s shuttle ride talk was that I just happened to be in possession of some digital photos of these pups. I also am enjoying re-connection with technology, as my replacement laptop arrived just yesterday. I was so worried that it would not make it in time, and so tired of being technologically deprived [my old faithful just bit the dust after a good 5-year lifespan], that when the Fedex man arrived at the door I ran a few laps of shouting joy around the house then jumped up and down as I signed for it.
So I chimed in on this shuttle conversation. Though I could not vouch for any marital benefits, I could certainly attest to the fact that Boxer puppies had allowed my mother to weather the latest holiday without her grandchildren far better than any of us had anticipated. Each event I accompanied mother to over the past few days resulted in a stream of children following us home to romp with the puppies for a while. And mother being hostess/mother-to-all-extraordinaire, she can’t get enough of it.
I then whipped out my laptop and gave a bit of a slideshow to all in the bus; I think it was just what the Doctor had ordered for a bunch of travel-weary souls.
Marriage-saving? Grandma-soothing? I think we can all have patience with a little bit of obsession if such are the results . . .


One Response to “shuttle pups”

  1. GramBea & PaCharley said

    I think this is “the best” of your postings-you read people very well. So good to hear from you again. We have BEAUTIFULLY WARM weather in the sunny south again – turned off the heat again. Love and prayers

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