remains of the day

June 9, 2011

When I got home this afternoon, Oma teasingly asked me if it had been a “dandelion day,” referring to my uprooting need last week. I laughed and said that no; today, in fact, had been a successful one, in a relatively insignificant manner. I had accomplished only a small amount: one application submitted. But the other aspects of the day had me rather pleased. It began with my reading in the paper that today was Free Transit Day with the public transport. I happily jumped on the chance to ditch my car at the closest bus stop and announce the code phrase of “clean air day” to the driver as I boarded. He smiled and waved me on.
At the end of my green errand-running day, as I stepped off the bus, I say a bit of paper on the ground. Not terribly familiar with the currency, it took me a bit to recognize the $5 bill laying there. I looked around for someone to ask about dropping it but no one was within eyesight so I shrugged and picked it up. Wow, I thought, I actually made money doing the sort of daily runnings that normally use it up!”
Back to my return home . . .
After Oma’s teasing, I decided I should go out and dig up at least one dandelion regardless of the day, just for the sake of giving her a laugh. But she gave me a laugh. For when I stepping into the lawn I saw that she had been the one uprooting weeds today–apparently my day left me feeling significantly more benevolent towards the weeds than it did Oma :-)


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