for the sake of a visit

June 27, 2011

Seasons change. Years go by. Life happens. And as I grow not-quite-as-young, not-quite-as-naive, as I once was, there are times when I worry I am going to be cynical and disillusioned with age. I fear losing a sense of wonder at the world, and at life.
But then things happen that remind me once more of all that is good and right. And I realize that while there is much that is wrong in this world in which we live, there is also much that is right; or perhaps more accurately, there are people who are right.
A visit with family allowed me to cross paths with friends from way back in time. So this afternoon I found myself flying with the pilot who flew me to and from family when I was small, doing the same thing once more. To good people such as these, it is the most natural thing in the world to offer a private flight simply to help with the logistics of managing a family visit and allow for time catching up with these friends as well.
No, it did not seem a small thing at all to me today to be approaching this home, seeing it from above as we neared . . .

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