June 30, 2011

The past four days have found me fully immersed in the beginnings of a two-week orientation and training session. Interestingly enough, this extremely international group of us is going to be together for my two “Passport Country”‘s Independence Days. I’m afraid that I have never been a very good, very traditionally patriotic, Independence Day celebrator. But this characteristic, as I just learned, is typical of those of us known as “TCK”s, or “Third Culture Kids.” One of the things we have all been learning about is the nature of the TCK and I, for one, am fascinated by this topic . . . how could I not be, really?
Another tidbit we learned about TCKs is that a common hobby, among TCKs, is that of naming, or comparing knowledge of, country flags. I smiled when the speaker shared this, having done my own flag-naming with some regularity. And we just happen to be housed here in a facility with a nice, photo-worthy collection, as you can see. Any attempts at country-naming welcome . . . :-)

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