festive fourth

July 5, 2011

It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the fireworks. I did. I especially enjoyed my first time setting some off myself. And the proper show for this city was rather elaborate, really. But what really made this one of the better Fourths I’ve had [no, I’m afraid it wasn’t the lessons and classes that filled much of the day] was what I joined in on in between food and fire this evening, was a salsa and swing class. I guess if was fitting for our internationally-inclined crew to spend this evening doing a variety of Latin dances. Most I have done before, but some–like Merengue–were new to me . . . and decidedly fun. Come dark, we walked out for the fireworks, of which the consensus favorites were the “chandelier” ones and what one in our group perfectly penned the “baby dragons hatching” variety. Yes, dancing the night away was a fine way indeed to celebrate this patriotic day :-)

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