faux setting

July 12, 2011

As the evening light faded yesterday, my grandfather walked in from the office to look for me. “Hey, do you have a second to come look at something?” he asked. I pulled myself away from my highly urgent TV remote fiddlings, and walked out with him. “The strangest thing,” he began. “Which direction does the sun set in?” I repeated to myself my memory tool, . . . rises in the East and sets in the West, and proudly announced, “West!”
“Well,” he continued, raising his hand to point to the Eastern horizon, “What do you make of that!?!” There in the East, with no tell-tale sun lingering in the West to tell any different, was the most blazingly beautiful “sunset” you could imagine. But of course, you don’t have to just imagine it, do you? That’s what I’m here for :-)

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