July 27, 2011

What is one to do when there is one day only in which to enjoy anything Western-hemisphere-centric? I think I did it decently well today: Cooking Oma’s dumpling recipe in GramB’s kitchen. Travel talk with my grandparents. An evening outing with a dear old friend. And now, one last look at the nighttime view from high on the ridge, where my grandparents’ home looks out over the city lights.
Oh, and I mustn’t forget: a trip to the best local coffee bean roaster I know, to get some of today’s roast “to go.” I did find it amusing to see the display in the shop, of the bags displaying respective bean countries of origin. Fitting because of my recent flag posts, and the way these international sacs are parallel reminders of places to go, people to see . . . cups of coffee to be enjoyed :-)

2 Responses to “onward”

  1. Brad said

    I have also been trying to enjoy as many western and family things as possible. There’s not much time left!! See you soon

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